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Release date: 13 December 2021

This release of Daedalus integrates the latest version of cardano-wallet, which fixes an issue where the wallet would sometimes disappear. It also includes a new discreet mode that  hides sensitive information, new messages in the startup and shutdown screens, and updates to the Catalyst screen for the remaining Fund7 phases. The automatic system update has been improved to support platform-specific updates. This release also includes minor user interface and internal improvements as well as integration with the latest cardano-launcher version.

New features

Discreet mode

When the discreet mode is enabled, Daedalus replaces wallet or token amounts with ***, making it more secure to use in public or shared places, or when sharing your screen.

This mode can be configured as automatically enabled when starting the application.


Improved startup and shutdown messages

Cardano node performs important operations when Daedalus is starting and shutting down. New messages on these screens highlight the importance of ensuring these processes are fully completed.


Catalyst remaining Fund7 phases

The voting screen now supports continuous registration for the Catalyst project.

The screen has been updated with the remaining Fund7 phases: snapshot, voting, and tallying.




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